Nominated Charity

Harrison Roofing Services are proud to support Launchpad Reading, a charity that helps some of Berkshire’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people turn their lives around and fulfil their potential.

Launchpad Reading provides three vital services to help prevent homelessness in Reading:

Housing with support

Launchpad Reading can house 140 people and, with individual targeted support, help people to get their lives back on track. Last year Launchpad Reading housed and helped 177 people, with over 10,700 hours of support.

Preventing homelessness

Launchpad Reading’s Floating Support service is for anyone in unsuitable accommodation or at risk of becoming homeless. Launchpad Reading supports 400 people a year, a quarter of whom are vulnerable families.


Launchpad Reading’s Drop-in service is for anyone in Reading who needs housing or homelessness-related advice. Launchpad Reading can help prevent a problem becoming a crisis. Last year, over 700 people dropped in for advice, guidance and support.

Harrison Roofing Services support Launchpad Reading with annual donations, and offers a scheme where our Team Members each give up one day a year to work for the Charity.

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