Our Values

To ensure the highest performance from our Team and our Sub-Contractors, Harrison Roofing Services maintains a visible set of core Values.


These Values underpin every action we take, all our communications, and every decision we make on our customers’ behalf.


Quality Icon


We take pride in every intricate detail of everything we do

Transparency Icon


We act with integrity and openness throughout our endeavours

Customer Obsession Icon

Customer obsession

We obsess over our customers’ needs to elevate innovation and creativity to deliver solutions

Teamwork Icon


We work together to achieve our mission, and no single individual is bigger than the team

Safety Icon


The safety of ourselves and those around is a priority in all circumstances

Respect Icon


We treat the people and things around us with respect

Long Term Focus Icon

Long-term focus

Our decisions and actions are anchored by our long-term orientation

Operational Excellence Icon

Operational excellence

We all take ownership of our processes and procedures to ensure the flow of value to our customer is uninterrupted

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