Public (Non-Residential)

Harrison Roofing Services provides cost-effective, safe roofing for school and government buildings.

Harrison Roofing Services works with Governments and Councils to create lasting, secure and low-maintenance roofing for schools, libraries, offices and public institutions.

Our sources and experience means we can secure the highest-quality materials to fit the scope, scale and needs of the project. If we are brought in early on projects, we can liaise with Architects to suggest the best finish for the development, and improve the overall cost-effectiveness.

As with our Residential projects, Harrison Roofing Services never forget that the ultimate customer is the individual who will be using the building. So we bring the same level of care and attention to a Public project as we would for a private residence.

Health and Safety is one of our core Values, and we strive to create secure and lasting roofing.

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