Metal & Synthetic Roofing

Harrison Roofing Services create a wide range of cost-effective and durable Metal and Synthetic Roofs.

Metal & Synthetic Roofs offer versatile and cost-effective roofing for Commercial, Industrial, Public and Residential Developments. It is also available in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing it to bring a architect’s vision to beautiful life.

We are experts in Metal and Synthetic Roofing, including:

  • Standing Seam
  • Composite Panels
  • Over-Roofing

Standing Seam

Standing Seam combines versatility and ease of use. Its non-penetrative clip-fixing systems make it the ideal choice for low-pitch applications. It also avoids the need for joints, as it can be specified in custom lengths. Standing Seam comes in a range of colours and materials, such as aluminium. Our qualified team can help tailor projects to individual needs.

Composite Panels

Composite Panels are an ideal choice for Commercial and Industrial roofing. Insulation is factory-bonded directly to the metal profile, avoiding cold-bridging and fully insulating the roof.


The process of over-roofing eradicates the cost, inconvenience and disruption of stripping  off an existing roof before a new roof is installed. Harrison Roofing Services is respected for its specialist refurbishment service, which has seen hundreds of thousands of square metres of factories and business facilities re-roofed or over-roofed.


Icon for Lead

Lead Work

Our skilled craftsmen use sustainable recycled lead to create lasting beauty.


Icon for Man safe

Mansafe Systems

Make safety a top priority by adopting the recommended Soter SafetyLine System.


Icon for green roofing

Green Roofing

Our adaptable Green Roofing brings beauty and wildlife to urban developments.


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