Roof Surveys & Leak Detection

Harrison Roofing Services offer a range of surveys and leak-detection services.

We offer independent, unbiased, and non-destructive roof-condition surveys, including electronic leak detection, thermal imaging and integrity testing.

Many people immediately assume that a leaking roof must require extensive, expensive repairs or even a complete replacement. We’re happy to report that almost all of the leaking roofs we inspect can be easily fixed, and most go on to provide many more years of protection.

Modern flat-roofing products are highly advanced, and have the potential to last up to 50 years if they are fitted correctly and inspected regularly. Our surveys and leak-detection services can greatly extend your roof’s useful lifespan.

We use three methods to detect leaks:

1. The Dry Test

In dry conditions, we can use electronic leak detection to identify imperfections such as pinholes and punctures to your roof or any other waterproof membrane. This is our quickest method for detecting leaks. Using an electronic detector, we pass a stabilised DC output across the surface of the roof or membrane being tested. Any imperfections are announced by an audible tone and a spark from the Detector.

2. The Wet Test

In wet conditions, we use a pulse-generator to pass a 40V Voltage across the surface of the roof or waterproof membrane. The electrical pulse follows the path of the moisture towards the leak, allowing us to identify exactly where the breach is located.

3. Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is an effective way for the owners and management teams of large industrial-buildings to accurately gauge the condition and lifespan of their roof. Our thermal imaging cameras can detect saturation and trapped moisture at even tiny levels, giving you vital information to make an informed decision.

Harrison Roofing Services also offer Roof Repairs, and Roof Maintenance Plans.


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Lead Work

Our skilled craftsmen use sustainable recycled lead to create lasting beauty.


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Mansafe Systems

Make safety a top priority by adopting the recommended Soter SafetyLine System.


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Green Roofing

Our adaptable Green Roofing brings beauty and wildlife to urban developments.


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