Green Roofing

Harrison Roofing Services is experienced in creating Green Roofs.

As urban development gradually erodes more of the UK’s green spaces, architects and ecologists have been moving back towards Green Roofs, which offer benefits both visually, and to the survival of bees, insects and other urban wildlife.

Green Roofs also offer natural insulation, and have been shown to increase the performance of solar panels.

Green Roofs require the skill of experienced and trained installers. When installed correctly, they can provide many years of environmental benefits, reduce heating costs, and add a beautiful haven for nature.

Harrison Roofing Services offer two main types of Green Roofing:

Sedum Roofs

The Sedum Roof is the best choice for a lightweight Green Roof, as it requires a substrate layer of only 50mm. It can also be fully and extensive planted, giving a opulent covering to walls, office buildings, residences and large commercial, public and industrial developments.

Modular Roofs

Modular Roofs simply consist of ready-made cells that click together, on top of a waterproof covering, to form a Green Roof. While not as lightweight as a Sedum Roof, Modular Roofs offer more variety in the plants that can be used in the final design.


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Lead Work

Our skilled craftsmen use sustainable recycled lead to create lasting beauty.


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Mansafe Systems

Make safety a top priority by adopting the recommended Soter SafetyLine System.


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Green Roofing

Our adaptable Green Roofing brings beauty and wildlife to urban developments.


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