Mansafe Systems

Harrison Roofing Services offer high-quality Soter Horizontal Safety Line Systems.

With safety being one of our 7 key Values, Harrison Roofing Services are advocates of QBM’s Soter Horizontal Safety Line System. This system, which is fully covered by extensive insurance-backed warranties, allows us to maintain the safety of anyone who needs access to a roof, or to work at height.

The Soter Horizontal Safety Line System offers security, even at extreme heights. It offers market-leading fall protection, and can be retro-actively fitted to older buildings.

You can read more about the Soter Horizontal Safety Line System on its website.



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Lead Work

Our skilled craftsmen use sustainable recycled lead to create lasting beauty.


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Mansafe Systems

Make safety a top priority by adopting the recommended Soter SafetyLine System.


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Green Roofing

Our adaptable Green Roofing brings beauty and wildlife to urban developments.


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